SESTA to have Negative Impacts on the Sex Worker Community

by admin on April 23, 2018

Sex_Worker_Rights_-_London_SlutWalk_2011The implementation of the SESTA law may have dire consequences for the sex worker community especially for Trans sex workers who are afforded less privilege than other sex workers, says advocacy group Survivors Against SESTA.

On Wednesday, President Trump signed the SESTA law, meaning websites will be liable for what users say on their websites. The law is said to be an initiative to combat human trafficking. However, advocacy groups and sex worker communities think otherwise.

Some sex workers use ad forum websites such as Craigslist and to put up ads and screen clients for their safety. Advocacy groups are also concerned for Trans sex workers as they are being forced to go back on the streets where they face more harassment and abusive policing.

Issues concerning family law in Thailand should be directed to a professional law firm with expertise in family affairs.

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