Switter, the Next Online Sex Worker Community to be Taken Down by FOSTA

by admin on April 24, 2018

Sex_Worker_Rights_-_London_SlutWalk_2011President Donald Trump signed the FOSTA legislation on the 11th of April. The new law aims to combat human trafficking by inhibiting the legal blankets that online platforms hide behind. The CEO of Cloudfare, a content distribution network, comments on the situation that it is “just a bad law” in terms of not knowing how authorities will enact it or how customers will operate without online sex communities.

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One of the most recent online social media platforms for sex workers to shut down due to FOSTA, was Switter. Advocacy groups are worried that sex workers won’t be the only marginalized group targeted with the new law. Switter was used as a communication medium between sex workers and workers and their clients.

Cloudflare CEO continues her frustrations about the new law and how it doesn’t answer fundamental questions such as “who is it meant to encompass?” and is it supposed to affect companies such as Cloudflare with deep infrastructures.

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