Environmentalists: New Thai Law Could Lead to Worsening Pollution

by admin on July 1, 2019

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A new Thai law set to take effect in October creates a legal loophole for companies to import more plastic waste and further pollute the environment, according to activists.

The amendments to the 1992 Factory Act states that any factories with under 50 employees and machinery exceeding 50 horsepower will be subject to waste and pollution monitoring by government agencies.

Previously, all companies with more than seven employees and machinery with more than five horsepower were also monitored.

Environmental activist state that the change in Thailand’s business laws will let industrial manufacturers import more plastic waste and dump their current waste with impunity.

In just the last year, Thailand’s worsening pollution levels has drawn international headlines.

The business-friendly amendment to the Factory Act was rushed into law by the ruling military junta in the months prior to Thailand’s first election since 2014.

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