Thailand Passes New Plain Packaging Cigarette Law

by admin on November 22, 2019

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In September, Thailand’s Ministry of Health passed a new law requiring plain packaging and labeling for cigarette products.

The regulation, implemented under Thailand’s Tobacco Products Control Act, places restrictions and requirements, is the first of its kind in Asia.

The law states that the name of the manufacturer must be labeled clearly on both sides of the package with standard font type, size, and color.

Health warning photos must now also be printed on both sides of the package, covering 85% of the package, and with a different warning picture on each side.

The brand of the cigarette and specific type must also be clearly labeled in a specific font type, size, and color as well as must be printed on at least two sides of the product packaging, but not more than three.

There also must be two warning messages on the cigarette packaging that take up at least three-fifths of each side.

Thailand businesses have until December 8th to comply with the new packaging regulations or they will face a fine of up to 40,000 baht.

Thailand has issued a variety of anti-smoking laws in just the past year, including controversial regulations that prohibit smoking in households if it causes a family member harm as well as bans on smoking in certain public areas.

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