France’s Labor Reform will penalize the Unemployed

by admin on March 21, 2018

Vladimir_Putin_and_Emmanuel_Macron_(2017-05-29)_06The labor reform, implemented by French President Macron and the French Labor Minister, aims to make unemployment benefits fairer by increasing penalties to those who don’t try hard enough to secure employment.

The government is planning to spend a total of 15 billion Euros on job training over the next five years. This includes hiring 600 more staff dedicated to monitoring job seeking. The CFDT union spoke out against the reform that it was more about monitoring the job seekers rather than helping them out.

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Penalties would include those who refuse what would be deemed a “reasonable” job offer or failing to complete a monthly job search that will introduced next year. Each infringement means a month of unemployment benefits taken away. Last year, France’s unemployment rates fell below 9% for the first time since 2009.

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