3D Printing of Rhino Horns May be a Solution to Poaching

by admin on March 21, 2018

34011163034_35671be21f_zA Seattle based biotech startup company called Pembient, have been working on a solution to devalue the rhino horn on the black market. They are currently using 3D printing machines to fabricate rhino horns made out of Keratin. The CEO of the company states that the fabricated horn and real Rhino horn are genetically identical.

The company’s aim is to release the fake horns onto the market hopefully devaluing the cost of the horn as it would be near impossible to tell them apart from the real thing. The plan is to “eventually lower incentives for poachers” to extract Rhino horns.

The call for a solution comes after dwindling rhino population statistics and the news of the death of the last white male rhinoceros in the world. Even though there are two white female rhinos left the death of the male have marked the extinction of their breed.

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