Weinstein Co Attorney Assures Filing for Bankruptcy won’t Protect Harvey Weinstein

by admin on March 21, 2018


Last Monday a Texas private equity firm, Lantern Capital bought The Weinstein Company out of bankruptcy for $310 million. Later this spring the company will be pulled apart at a bankruptcy auction. The company’s attorney, Paul Zumbro, has stated that the bankruptcy filing will still allow for anyone to “pursue civil or criminal claims” against Harvey Weinstein.

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The ex-Chairman of the movie production company, The Weinstein Company, has been accused of over 70 counts of rape and sexual misconduct. The company has been looking for someone to buy it out since last September says their attorney.

Weinstein reportedly used “non disclosure agreements” to keep his victims quiet. The Weinstein Company has recently announced that anyone who had suffered from sexual misconduct from the ex-chairman is released from those agreements through the bankruptcy filing.

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