Entrepreneurs in Thailand Video Series: Hope Drug Rehab Center

by admin on December 16, 2014

In this week’s edition of “Entrepreneurs in Thailand,” ThaiLawForum interviews Simon Mott, the co-founder and manager of drug and addiction rehabilitation center, Hope Rehab Center Thailand.

Mott worked as a head drug counselor at another rehab center in Chiang Mai, Thailand before he decided to open his own rehab in the coastal town of Sriracha.

Mott advises anyone thinking about starting a similar venture to get help from the outset and to find a “decent lawyer who’s willing to put work in on your behalf” to help navigate Thailand’s business rules and regulations.

One of the difficult parts of business bureaucracy in Thailand is that the rules and regulations are frequently changed, said Mott. Still, despite any challenges he’s faced with business licensing or instability with immigration and company law, Mott said he wouldn’t have opened his business anywhere other than Thailand.

“I believe the future of this type of business – health care in particular – is very much in Asia for westerners, because we’ve priced ourselves out of the market,” said Mott.

Watch Mott discuss more about starting a business in Thailand, his drug treatment philosophy, and finding success in Thailand:

Learn more about Hope Rehab Center Thailand at www.hope-rehab-center-thailand.com.

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