New York-Born London Mayor Refuses to Pay U.S. Tax Bill

by admin on November 25, 2014

After reportedly being given a tax bill from the IRS, London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was born in the United States, refuses to pay, reports RT.

American citizens who earn income abroad are still subject to taxes, and the IRS is reportedly trying to collect capital gains taxes from Johnson.

The British politician, who has been mayor of London since 2008, called the demands “outrageous” because he pays taxes in the UK which he said has higher rates than in America, reports RT.

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Johnson had reportedly threatened to renounce his citizenship in 2006, but according to RT continues to carry a U.S. passport.

RT reports that Robert W. Wood, an expert on taxes and litigation, said even if Johnson were to give up his U.S. citizenship now, he would still owe any outstanding back taxes as a person must be in good standing with the IRS at the time of renunciation.

Read the full story here.

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