Entrepreneurs in Thailand Video Series: Fatty’s Bar & Diner

by admin on November 4, 2014

The next episode of the “Entrepreneurs in Thailand Video Series,” brings you an interview with the owners of Fatty’s Bar and Diner—a live alternative music bar and American diner in Bangkok.

The desire to work for themselves—an intrinsic entrepreneurial motivation—is what drove owners Matthew Fischer and Kae Maeboonruan to spend all of their life savings to open Fatty’s in 2012.

The inspiration behind their choice to open an alternative, in both food and atmosphere, to the trendy Bangkok dining scene was Fischer and Maeboonruan’s humble desire to create a community space for their friends, neighbors, and local musicians.

Though Fishcer said they didn’t purposefully set out to be “a restaurant that was really well known,” by simply aspiring to be “a living room” for their community they discovered the secret for their own success: don’t be like other people.

Watch Matt and Kae talk more about starting a business in Thailand, the inspiration behind their “legendary” burgers, and why supporting “kids that just want to play their music” is Fatty’s undeclared mission:

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