E-Commerce Tax Law Amendments in Thailand to Create Fair Competition

by admin on November 27, 2017

The Thai E-Commerce Association is pushing for the government to reduce VAT and administer anti dumping laws to e-commerce businesses in order to avoid a market dominated by the Chinese. Who, Bangkok Post reports, have majority control over retail and payment services.

Chinese businesses sell a lot of imports online to help avoid taxes and to keep their products at a highly competitive rate over local products. Onine Chinese retail giants such as Alibaba and JD.com will help invest billions of baht into Thailand’s e-commerce market. However, local businesses will need to dominate niche markets in order to compete.

The Revenue Department says they “will not issue any special law for e-commerce” as they want to treat everyone equally.

Foreigners registering businesses in Thailand should hire qualified attorneys to assist with government restrictions and areas that they can 100% own companies in.

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