What to Expect at the Next Bangkok Bitconnect

by admin on November 29, 2017


In an interview with Youtube personality Crypto girl and Mr. Satish Kumbahni, Asian leader for Bitconnect, explains about what to expect at the Bangkok Bitconnect Conference. Mr. Kumbahni’s background involves marketing and advertisement from the University of Greenwhich. He currently promotes Bitconnect full time and educates people around the world about crypto currency.

Since its launch in February 2016 about 3k-5k accounts are being registered every day. The Bangkok conference plans to introduce new features to the program including a “smart card” and more currencies.

Bitconnect leaders are hoping to get people excited and gain an influx of investments post conference.

When it comes to foreign wills and inheritance proceedings after the death of a loved one it is advised to contact an expert probate lawyer in Thailand.

Watch the full video here

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