Trump Wins Trademark Case in China

by admin on November 16, 2016

The decade long lawsuit was over the right to use his name for real estate services

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Donald Trump has not only won the election, but also a decade long trademark dispute in China for the right to use his name for a variety of real estate services reports Wall Street Journal.

Currently, the Trump trademark is used to sell products that are not owned by Trump. Some of those products include ammunition, explosives, poker cards and condoms.

According to WSJ, of the 53 registered trademarks under the Trump name in China, only 21 are actually owned by Trump.

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The lawsuit started when Trump’s application to register his Trump trademark in China had been rejected due to the fact that another man, Dong Wei had previously applied to register the same trademark.

The report says that since Trump was unknown to majority of the Chinese population at the time, it was a fair ruling. After several repeated attempts, Donald Trump finally won the right to a Trump trademark for his real estate business soon after he won the U.S presidential election.

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