Thailand Joins Madrid Protocol

by admin on September 18, 2017


Thailand will join the Madrid Protocol on November 7th 2017, becoming the 99th member country, Bangkok Post reports.

The Madrid Protocol is a system that allows people to register trademarks in multiple countries with only one application.

This is much easier than the current method, by which separate applications must be made in each country that a trademark owner wishes to register a trademark in.

Chaninat & Leeds’ attorneys have years of experience in Thailand trademark law.

From November, it will be possible to instead file a single international application at the Department of Intellectual Property in Bangkok.

Thailand’s agreement specifies a period of 18 months after making an application, within which the registrar is obliged to issue a notification of refusal of international registrations.

Under Thailand’s Declaration of Accession to Madrid Protocol, the fee for trademark registration THB 14,400, and the fee for renewal is THB 18,000. An international application is valid for 10 years and can be renewed thereafter.

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