Five Florida Lawyers Caught Running Insurance Con

by admin on September 20, 2017


A group of five lawyers have been found running an insurance scam in Florida, according to 7News Miami.

Adam Hurtig, 46, Steven Slootsky, 57, Alexander Kapetan, 45, and Mark Spatz, 58, and Vincent Pravato, 48, had allegedly used bribes to “pad their pockets with money”, scamming people for around half a million dollars in total.

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Detective Kristy Frederick said that the attorneys had bribed tow truck company workers to obtain the contact details of people who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents. They then sold their services to those individuals, and directed them to medical treatment providers in return for kickbacks.

“That’s why you and I pay so much for motor vehicle insurance, because of schemes like this,” she said.

All five attorneys turned themselves in on September 6th.

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