Senegal and Their “Impressive” Prostitution Policies

by admin on April 20, 2018

800px-Aids_is_commons_in_AfricaCompared to many African states, Senegal has one of the lowest rates of the contracted HIV virus spread among prostitutes. The Economist reports, that this is because Senegal is the only country in Africa to regulate sex workers and issue them with identification cards that provide free health care and education initiatives.

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The sex worker regulation dates back to when the French colonized Senegal and it was a part of French legislation to regulate prostitution in order to prevent the transmission of STD’s. After its independence from the French, Senegal kept the regulation in response to the HIV epidemic. The regulation includes monthly check ups and free medication if the worker is found to have HIV.

The measures have led to a drop from 21-7% prevalence rate from 2002-2016. However, the regulated system has its criticisms as many sex workers fail to sign up for the initiative as they may face exploitation and discrimination.

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