Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty in Silk Road Trial

by admin on March 2, 2015

Ross Ulbricht was found guilty on February 4 of creating and operating the Silk Road, the former online criminal marketplace, according to Reuters.

TheManhattanfederal court hearing lasted a month, and the six-man, six-woman jury took just three hours to deliberate before finding Ulbricht guilty on all seven counts.

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CNET reports the charges against Ulbricht include trafficking drugs on the Internet, five conspiracy charges, and one charge of running a continuing criminal enterprise, often called the “kingpin” allegation typically used against well-known Mafia and drug cartel leaders.

Ulbricht is being hailed as a hero by his supporters who have turned his case into an example of the “government’s attack on Internet freedom,” reports Reuters.

Ulbricht now faces up to life in prison and will serve at least 20 years. His sentencing is scheduled for May 15. His defense is expected to appeal.

Read the full story here and here.

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