Noodle Restaurant Sues Competitor over ‘Similar’ Name, Logo

by admin on March 2, 2015

Two noodle companies in San Francisco are facing off over the restaurants’ names and logos, according to Inside Scoop SF.

Chubby Noodle, established in 2011 filed a trademark lawsuit against Fat Noodle, a newcomer to theSan Francisco dining scene expected to open later this year.

In the suit, Chubby Noodle claims that Fat Noodle’s name—which they point out is a combination of a synonym for “chubby” and the identical word “noodle”—plus the mirrored concept noodle bowl logo are “confusingly similar.”

Chaninat and Leeds’ business lawyers are experts on Thailand trademark registration for national and international corporate clients and private individuals. 

Chubby Noodle’s biggest beef appears to be that this confusing similarity creates unfair competition and trafficking on the brand they’ve already built, reports Inside Scoop SF.

“Fat Noodle is a completely different concept from Chubby Noodle, and will have very focused, clean, and traditional foods using the highest quality products available,” stated Fat Noodle in a response to the lawsuit. “If anything, the owners of Chubby Noodle are trying to use our good name and press to enhance their own. Their claims are without merit.”

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