Tighter Restrictions on Unemployment Benefits in France

by admin on March 21, 2018

Vladimir_Putin_and_Emmanuel_Macron_(2017-05-29)_06French President, Macron has already amended labor regulations making the hiring and firing process easier. He also plans to spend 15 billion Euros in the next five years to improve the labor sector in France. Last year saw the unemployment rate drop below 9%, which was the first time since 2009.

The labor reform this year will include hiring 600 staff to the government that will monitor the progress of job seekers. A monthly job search log will be introduced and those who fail to complete it will be deprived of unemployment benefits for a month. In addition, those who reject job offers that are deemed “reasonable” by the state will also incur penalties.

A spokesperson from the CFDT union has spoken out against the reform saying it is more about “monitoring” than actually helping the unemployed.

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