Vaccines Linked to Cancer

by admin on September 12, 2016

Reports indicate that vaccines may contain cancer causing agentsneedle-1291172_960_720

Recent findings by scientist Dr. Anthony Samsel indicate that commercially available vaccines have a chemical compound Glyphosphate, a component of herbicides that have been found to cause cancer in animals.

Samsel conducted tests of several pharmaceutical vaccines  such as Merck and GlaxoSmithKline and shockingly found substantial amounts of glyphosphate, which in sealed documents held by Monsanto, the giant agribusiness, was found to produce cancer in animals. Monsanto kept the documents sealed to champion its flagship herbicide product, Roundup, which contains the chemical.

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Samsel, along with his co-researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff, worked to expose Monsanto’s original findings.

Vaccines are usually grown in agar or gelatin, both byproducts of animals. The presence of glyphosphate in vaccines could be accounted from the possibility that the agar or gelatin used to grow vaccines come from animals that have been fed glyphosphate sprayed grain.

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