US TV Star Indicted for Federal Fraud

by admin on August 3, 2015

National Geographic’s ‘Wicked Tuna’ reality TV show has made headlines this week, with one of the stars, Paul Herbert, being indicted on federal fraud charges. Fisherman Herbert, aged 50, supposedly claimed disability benefits, although as evidenced on the highly active show, is physically competent, reports Fox News.

Wicked Tuna. Image Credit: HimmelrichPR (Flickr)
Wicked Tuna. Image Credit: HimmelrichPR (Flickr)

He apparently received over $44,000 in Medicaid and Social Security between 2010 and 2013.

The indictment states that Herbert was “capable of arduous physical labor […] he earned money through fishing and later through his television work.”

Herbert is due in court on August 10th. His attorney, Robert Goldstein, says he is innocent.

Source: Fox News.

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