Thailand’s new 3D Printer Regulation Hits Importers

by admin on September 13, 2016

Importers fear regulation of 3D printers may affect Thailand in the competitive fieldfelix_3d_printer_-_printing_head

BangkokPost reports a new import regulation on 3D printers has been passed by the Commerce Ministry of Thailand which requires imports of 3D printers to fall under the already existing import-related regulations.

This regulation did not bode well with 3D manufacturers around Thailand with some claiming that it could affect the country’s position in the technological field.

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According to BangkokPost, the regulation, which has not yet been implemented, was made to prevent people from using 3D printers to make guns.

Wiwat Arunruangsiriloet, an importer of 3D printing, said that the legislation should only restrict the import of metal 3D printers that are capable of making 3D-printed guns.

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