Pet Owners of Fake Service Animals will incur $250 Fine

by admin on April 25, 2018

800px-SamivestArizona, along with the federal government and 19 other states have passed a law that makes it a criminal offense to pass off their pet as service animal if it is just a regular pet. Service dogs may be identified by their owners under federal law by being asked two questions; if the animal in question is required for a disability and if they are, what are they trained to do, says Senator John Kavanagh.

The Senator acknowledges the debate of whether people with disabilities may be targeted with the new statute. He reassures that the law is meant to help people with actual disabilities who need service dogs; such as people with low blood pressure, people suffering from PTSD etc. In addition, the law will weed out pet owners who purchase service animal vests online and fraudulently claim that their pet is a service animal.

The fine for people misrepresenting a service animal will be a $250 fine. Kavanagh explains that fake service animals are a serious issue and pose a “health risk”. Animals that are just pets can cause problems with service dogs such as get into fights.

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