Judge Dismisses Baseless Motion In Missing Airplane Case

by admin on April 1, 2014


The Malaysia Insider reported that an Illinois judge has dismissed a U.S. law firm’s motion to produce evidence of  manufacturing and design defects from Boeing  and Malaysian Airlines related to Malaysian Airline flight MH370, the flight that disappeared three weeks ago.

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In ruling to dismiss the motion for evidence, Cook County Judge Kathy Flanagan also threatened to impose sanctions against Ribbeck Law firm if they file future motions without a legal basis.  Judge Flanagan noted that there were previous instances where the Chicago law firm has filed previous petitions with no legal basis. The Malaysia Insider speculated that the law firm’s actions were possibly a publicity stunt.

A lawyer speaking of behalf of Ribbeck Law confirmed that although they were yet to review the judgment, it certainly would not dissuade them from filling future motions.

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