Swedish Motorcyclist Prosecuted for Growing Cannabis to Self-Medicate

by admin on November 21, 2017


Anders Thorn ended up paralyzed from the waist down from a tragic motorbike accident. The Jurist recounts of how Thorn cultivated his own cannabis to self-medicate as the treatment he was given was ineffective.

Under Swedish federal law, growing cannabis to self-medicate is illegal. The issue, however, was whether the crime was permissible under Sweden’s penal code about crimes committed for emergency situations. The code did not apply to Thorn’s case as an “emergency” due to the permanent nature of his injuries.

This is similar to Thailand where there has been a significant increase in the medical tourism industry. Medical abuse cases in Thailand are taken very seriously in terms of prosecution.

The Supreme Court finally decided that the crime be categorized as a minor drug offence due to the fact that there was control over the drugs through licensing. Thorn was penalized with a US $616 fine.

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