Ghirardelli Pays $5 Million Settlement in Fake White Chocolate Lawsuit

by admin on October 8, 2014

Ghirardelli agreed to a $5.25 million payout in a class action settlement after being sued over white chocolate chips that allegedly didn’t have any white chocolate in them, reports the Courthouse News Service.

Scott Miller is the lead plaintiff who filed the suit after noting that a package of white chocolate chips did not include any white chocolate, cocoa, or cocoa butter in its ingredients list—ingredients that must be present by FDA regulations for a product to be labeled “white chocolate.”

Chaninat and Leeds has a staff of corporate attorneys with decades of expertise with Thailand FDA registration.

According to Courthouse News, both parties settled the case after mediation with Ghirardelli agreeing to pay the multi-million dollar settlement into a common fund “to be distributed among the class and the plaintiffs’ attorneys.”

Keep reading for more “fake chocolate lawsuit” details:

Courthouse News Service – Fake Chocolate Class Settlement Approved

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