Germany to Relax Immigration Laws In Order to Meet Skilled Workers Shortage

by admin on August 22, 2018


In order to fill its massive skilled labor gaps, the German cabinet is considering a proposal that would make it much easier for workers outside of the European Union to migrate and work in Germany, according to Reuters.

The idea comes as a major surprise when you consider that anti-immigration sentiment is widespread in the northern European country at the moment, playing a large role in the rise of the uber-nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The proposal being drafted by the cabinet would primarily make it simpler for skilled professionals from outside the EU to work in Germany, which could alleviate some of the concerns of those with anti-immigrant sentiments.

Germany stands as the EU’s largest economy, but in recent years has suffered from chronic labor shortages when it comes to young professionals.

In 2015, Germany believed that the influx of refugees would fill its record 1.2 million unfilled jobs, but the language barrier and the lack of necessary skills have made it an uphill battle.

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