New Dutch Sex Consent App

by admin on January 19, 2018

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The Dutch company, LegalThings, has created an app using blockchain technology to ensure the legal consent of both parties before engaging in sexual activity. Consent can be verified and enforceable with a “single click”, claims the company’s website.

The app came in response to the #metoo movement in 2017 where countries like Sweden began implementing policies to ensure consent before sexual activity. The app acts as a legally binding contract where any offense is a breach of contract. The company explains that “sex should not only be fun but safe for everyone”. Asking someone to sign a contract before sexual relations may be awkward, so the company developed the app to make consent a simple and easy process.

The legally binding contract is verifiable through blockchain and has clauses to protect both parties involved; they can specify the do’s and don’ts of their relationship. The clauses protect parties against unwanted photos and videos, withholding information about STD’s and harmful or offensive porn reenactment.

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