China Prohibits Sale of Endangered Species for Food But Allows Breeding

by admin on July 6, 2016

China passed animal protection law for endangered species but allows for captive breeding and public performances.

China has recently passed a ‘new wild animal protection law’ which prohibits the sale of food made from endangered wildlife but allows for other products to be derived from them, including for traditional Chinese medicine practices, where for example, bears are bred simply to make products for medicinal purposes, which scientifically is still not proven to work.

This process involves the removal of their stomach bile and has sparked controversy within the media, according to Phys Org it has been ‘condemned’ as animal cruelty by activists.

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Environmental campaigners previously brought into the limelight a ‘draft of the law‘ for treating animals, including tigers and bears, as commercial resources’. They  stated that it would not stop their ongoing slaughter but the draft would in fact “further entrench policies of captive-breeding for commercial use of parts and derivatives of captive tigers” “, the Environmental Investigation Agency said.

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