American Fugitive from US Property Scam Caught in Thailand

by admin on March 18, 2015

Thai police arrested a United States’ citizen last week who had fled to Thailandafter being convicted of fraud in a Detroithousing telemarketing scam that conned nearly 300 people out of over $20 million, reports Reuters.

Joseph Arsenault, along with 15 other people, scammed real estate investors out of their money by selling them property in Detroitbought for less than $500 at inflated prices, according to Samui Times.

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The telemarketing scheme was reportedly orchestrated by calling random numbers throughout theU.S.andCanada, then convincing customers that flipping and reselling the houses would be profitable.

A tip from theU.S.embassy led to Arsenault’s arrest inBangkok, according to Reuters.

Read the full story here and here.


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