Thailand Work Permit

Non-Thai nationals who wish to work or conduct a business in Thailand are required to obtain a non-immigrant visa (NON-B visa) that will grant a foreigner permission to stay in Thailand for a period of time as well as a work permit that would allow work in Thailand. A common misconception is that a Non-B visa alone authorizes the visa holder to lawfully engage in work in Thailand. A Non-B visa is a pre-requisite to obtaining a Thailand work permit that will grant a foreigner permission to work or conduct a business while staying in Thailand. A Thailand work permit is applied for and approved only in conjunction with a valid and appropriate visa process.

Additional requirements to obtain a Thailand work permit include:

  • The business or the job offer ┬ámust not be restricted to Thai nationals.
  • The job involves work for which Thai nationals are otherwise qualified.
  • The business or hiring company must meet capital and employee size requirements.
  • Non-Thai nationals or foreign workers must possess the correct category of a valid visa or residence permit.
  • Salary offered by hiring companies to foreign workers must meet the minimum salary requirements of the Thai Ministry of Labor.
  • The foreigner must be qualified for the work.

A work permit allows non-Thai nationals to lawfully work inThailand. Working without a work permit in Thailand is illegal and is punishable by imprisonment and monetary fines. The punishment imposed varies based on the category of work that the person engaged in.