Registering a Thailand Amity Treaty Company

The Treaty of Amity is a treaty between the United States and Thailand that commemorates the historical relationship between Thailand and the USA. The treaty is intended to promote trade, commerce, cultural understanding between the two States and also provide for special legal rights for the citizens of each nation. The US- Thai Amity Treaty provides US citizens special rights to run businesses in Thailand and also provides Thai citizens special privileges to run businesses in the USA. The … [Read more...]

Applying for Thailand Board Of Investment (BOI) Promotion

The Thailand Board of Investments (BOI) is responsible for implementing Thai government policy for promoting certain business deemed beneficial to the Thai economy. Thai BOI assists Thais and foreign investors to start and conduct businesses in desirable areas of economic activities by offering a system of incentives. Thailand BOI Incentives The Thailand BOI incentives are classified into the following types: Tax Incentives  A BOI promoted company in Thailand may be eligible to … [Read more...]

Thailand Tax and Accounting Regulations

Starting and maintaining  a business in Thailand requires proper book-keeping and compliance with Thailand’s tax, accounting and other regulatory laws as specified in the Civil and Commercial Code, Public Limited Company Act, Revenue Code, Accounting Act and other related laws. Thailand tax The type of business in Thailand will affect tax rates and tax benefits according to the rules and regulations prescribed in the Thai Revenue Code. Foreign companies in Thailand have special tax … [Read more...]

Formation of Thailand Contracts

The basic principles of Thailand contract law are mostly similar to contract law in Western jurisdictions. The main body of law controlling Thailand contracts interpretation is the Thai Civil & Commercial Code (TCCC). However, there is often specialized areas of legislation that may affect business agreements in Thailand. The basic principles of contract formation are controlled by TCCC Book I. The following are specific types of Thailand contracts controlled by TCCC Book … [Read more...]

Thailand Corporate Secretarial Services

Companies operating in Thailand often undergo changes with regard to business’ legal structure such as change of shareholders, change of directors, changing business details for corporation tax or the need to increase business capital. Changing business’ legal structure normally requires documents be executed and filed with the appropriate Thai government ministries pursuant to Thai law. A Thailand law firm specializing in Thailand company registration that also provides accounting and … [Read more...]