Is Urban Farming a New Viable Business in Thailand?

by admin on March 17, 2016

The Novotel Hotel in Siam has a big green secret.

High up on the roof where you are unlikely ever to go, is a farm. Yes, a farm.

EnerGaia have taken over the rooftop to grow spirulina, a nutrient dense “superfood” that grows at an extraordinary rate in bright sunlight.

Chaninat and Leeds are highly sought after business lawyers in Thailand, who have been helping companies succeed in the country for decades

The Novotel are now using this as a unique selling point for their restaurant, with a range of smoothies, dishes and desserts all containing spirulina.

Saumil Shah, a former engineer and founder of EnerGaia saw a unique business opportunity on Bangkok’s largely unused rooftops.

Watch what he has to say in the video below.

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