Japan’s First Ever Plea Bargain Reached in Thailand Bribery Case

          A Japanese firm agreed to a plea deal after allegedly bribing public officials in Thailand, in what is the country's first ever plea bargain since introducing the new system last month. Japanese government investigators alleged that Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. (MHPS) violated the Unfair Competition Prevention Law by bribing foreign officials. Although MHPS struck a plea deal with the government, they did not admit any wrongdoing … [Read more...]

Thai Government Courting Chinese Investors for $51 Billion Development Project

          The ruling Thai military government is courting Chinese investors to help fund a $51 billion infrastructure and economic development plan for the country's eastern seaboard. The so-called Eastern Economic Corridor project would use Chinese funds to introduce technologically advanced industries to the region, from biotech and robotics to aircraft maintenance, in hopes to revamp what was a traditional manufacturing hub of the … [Read more...]

Ecuador’s High Court Upholds $9.5 Billion in Damages Against Chevron

Ecuador's top court stood by a ruling on Tuesday that levied $9.5 billion in damages against the massive multinational oil company Chevron, for its decades of pollution that harmed both the environment and indigenous Ecuadorians. It was a token ruling, though, as Chevron no longer has pulled all of its assets and business out of the South American company years ago. To acquire the damages, the plaintiffs, which include indigenous people, will have to continue to pursue its case in … [Read more...]

Thailand Considering New Tax on Online Foreign Companies

                Thailand is examing a new law that would require all foreign businesses with no physical presence in the country to report all their transactions to their government to determine if they should pay value added tax (VAT), which currently stands at 7%. As of now, foreign companies can skirt Thailand's VAT as long as they maintain a purely digital presence in the country. The Thai Department of Revenue's new tax … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Rules that States Can Tax Internet Sales

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision last week that state governments are constitutionally allowed to tax internet sales, even if the business has no property or employees in the state.. The decision, which overturns prior rulings that requires a company to have a physical presence in the state before being subjected to taxes, paves the way for all 50 states to implement new taxes on goods and services sold on the internet. As of right now, 31 states already have laws on the … [Read more...]